2020-06-01 E-Edition

Nonprofits pivot to virtual galas

Each “season,” Southwest Florida’s nonprofits hold a slew of galas. Sometimes the required attire is black tie, sometimes cocktail chic, or maybe business casual, golf, or even country western. When the gala is virtual, occurring entirely on the web, attire doesn’t matter. That was the case at the eighth annual Breaking Par at Grandezza, benefiting Junior Achievement of Southwest Florida […]

Out on the water again, with pandemic precautions

With some of Florida’s pan­demic restrictions recently lifted by Gov. DeSantis, the homebound can now begin to enjoy the outdoors again. After closing for the month of April, Bay Water Boat Club and Rentals in Bonita Springs re-opened in May with certain safety requirements in place and enthusiastic boaters immediately started showing up. “Our members and guests are happy to […]

FGCU pledges to help restart SWFL and restore consumer confidence

Florida Gulf Coast University announced on May 19 an initiative, RESTART SWFL, to help businesses respond to the impact of COVID-19. Christopher Westley, dean of FGCU’s Lutgert College of Business, explained that the primary purpose of this initiative is to try to give customers and consumers a sense of security to go back out into the marketplace. “That’s the number […]

Pickleball POINTERS: Successful players dance well with their partners

We don’t do a dance to music on the pickleball court, but we do need some rhythm, and to be in sync with our partners. When one of your opponents hits the ball, you and your partner both need to react to that ball. You do not want one player covering 100% of the court, so a one-third/two-thirds approach is […]

Mind & SOUL: Become a vessel of hope and healing

We live in unprecedented times, where the entire world is facing the destructiveness of the novel coronavirus pandemic. When everyone is encountering some form of hardship, we all have responsibilities to be a vessel of hope and healing. Home isolation, being unable to visit our friends and family, disrupted routines, financial hardship, stress related to work — all of these […]

Tennis TIPS: ‘Triple vision’ determines the best next move

Often, students will ask a question and are looking for an answer that works 100% of the time. The truth is, in tennis there rarely is a time you should use “always” or “never.” For example, when asked, “What should I do when I am approaching the net? Where should I hit the ball?” my students get tired of hearing […]

Healthy CHOICES: How we eat is just as important as what we eat

Feeling overwhelmed? If so, you are not alone. Many people are facing challenges during this pandemic. You may feel a little anxious, stressed, tired, maybe even confused. There has been a common theme reported by my nutrition counseling patients: stress eating, emotional eating, eating out of boredom, and similar issues. This brings up a good point. It’s not just what […]

Health & Medical DIRECTORY

DENTAL Family Dentistry of Bonita Jose R. Venegas, DDS, PA 28315 Tamiami Trial, #102, Bonita Springs familydentistryofbonita.com 239-949-1655 Family Health Centers Anabel Natali, DMD Virginia Mazzeo, RDH Yvania Jimenez, DDC 19701 South Tamiami Trial, Estero fhcswf.org 239-314-1630 General & Implant Dentistry at The Landing Kelly M. Dainiak, DMD 24600 S. Tamiami Trail, #206, Bonita Springs dainiakdental.com, 239-949-8302 Lee A. Welky, […]

Artist SPOTLIGHT: Charles Emery Ross sees his work as one discovery after another

Equally talented in creating landscapes and non-objective abstracts, Charles Emery Ross enjoys making leaps to see where he goes. His land­scapes were at one time far more literal until he segued into, as he says, “the Kahn thing” that was more about color and big skies. “You kind of get to play God when you’re painting skies,” said Ross. Wolf […]

Conservancy CONNECTION: Water turkey? Snake bird? Anhinga is a curious creature

In Southwest Florida, anyone within viewing distance of a large body of fresh or brackish water will often see a large dark bird with a long, sinuously curved neck, wings outstretched, sunning itself on the banks or perched on low-hanging mangrove branches above the shoreline. At other times they may see the same bird quietly and stealthily pad­dling along at […]

Our Best FRIENDS: Ray added flair to virtual yoga class

Ray, a precious toy poodle who brings nothing but joy to his owners, Stephanie McKinley and Rick Edlund, has found his calling: dog yoga. When McKinley moved her Yes Yoga classes from the Promenade studio to online streaming to meet the needs of clients sheltering at home, Ray had his Zoom debut. With its re-opening, Ray may occasion­ally visit. “Ray […]

Vineyard SPOTLIGHT: France producing some standout organics

I love organic or “biologic” wine, but I also know very well that making it is no picnic. I grew up working on an organic family farm, where we were constantly pulling weeds, sweeping pests off leaves, and checking every stalk and vine for any sign of mold. Now, decades later, organic and biologic farming techniques have grown dramatically in […]

Restaurant GUIDE

A Table Apart With global experience cooking in the finest restaurants, our chefs are excited to present their vision to you and all our guests. Our caring and exceptional staff will ensure you have a fantastic experi­ence with us. We refuse to compromise on quality in our restaurant. That’s why we source our fresh ingredients from lo­cal farmers. Our beliefs […]