2020-09-01 E-Edition

Local club plays ball the old-fashioned way

There was a time in America when baseball was played without gloves and without an umpire behind the plate calling balls and strikes. Bats were wooden and catchers needed no protective gear. If a ball was caught after taking one bounce it was an out. That was the state of “base ball” (two words) in the 1850s and 1860s. Town […]

Southwest Floridians seek enjoyment and escape in puzzles

Southwest Floridians under Gov. Ron DeSantis’ stay-at-home order sought diversions and creative ways to spend the time indoors. Puzzle sales exploded both online and in local stores. Adults and youngsters found a way to immerse themselves and forget about the chaos surrounding them – a welcome bright spot in their isolation. “For sure puzzles,” said Sara Beyrent, owner of Pop […]

Bonita Springs YMCA names new Early Learning Center after Mark and Patt Suwyn

In mid-August, the Bonita Springs YMCA opened the new Suwyn Early Learning Center on its Kent Road campus. The $3 million, 10,000-square-foot facility will give kids ages 6 weeks to 5 years a place to play and learn — with an emphasis on learning, said Bonita Springs YMCA Advisory Board Chairman Mark Suwyn. People seem amazed, said the center’s director […]

Pickleball POINTERS: Know when to rush the net and when to wait

There are a few times when rushing the net in pickleball is a mistake. Let’s go over these shots. When you are the server, you want to serve the ball to land as deep as possible (to keep your opponents back, not allowing them to rush the net). Your opponent also wants to hit a deep return to keep the […]

Tennis TIPS: Variety is the spice of life — and tennis

The five things that you need to master as a tennis player are simple: 1. getting the ball in, 2. direction, 3. depth, 4. spin and 5. power. Too often we are concerned with “Was my serve hard enough? I need more power on my forehand/ backhand. My overheads are too soft.” The truth is, power is the least effective […]

Healthy CHOICES: Intermittent fasting is back

Eating late at night has become a habit for many. But habits like this can result in weight gain, sleep interruption, reflux, and blood sugar distur­bance, just to name a few of the issues. What if eating dinner earlier and delaying breakfast for an extra hour or two could result in improvements to your health? Calorie restriction has been well […]

Tee Box TIPS: Many benefits to a positive, purposeful pivot

A golfer’s pivot “in and around” the target side leg is the most important aspect of a golf swing. Pivots are what make a golf swing effective and powerful. There are five purposes for a pivot. First, the pivot initiates the downswing by shifting your weight to your target side leg. Second, the pivot creates power by pulling the left […]

Health & Medical DIRECTORY

DENTAL Family Dentistry of Bonita Jose R. Venegas, DDS, PA 28315 Tamiami Trial, #102 Bonita Springs familydentistryofbonita.com 239-949-1655 Family Health Centers Anabel Natali, DMD Virginia Mazzeo, RDH Yvania Jimenez, DDC 19701 South Tamiami Trial, Estero fhcswf.org 239-314-1630 General & Implant Dentistry at The Landing Kelly M. Dainiak, DMD 24600 S. Tamiami Trail, #206 Bonita Springs dainiakdental.com 239-949-8302 Lee A. Welky, […]

Artist SPOTLIGHT: Timothy Bath uses photography to tell a story

Photographer Timothy Bath is often asked by admirers of his work, “How did you do that?” He uses photography to tell a story about what he saw and what he thought was unique. “I want people to see what I saw, to see how beautiful nature is,” he said. Many of his favorite locations are along the water with Naples […]

Grand Piano Series includes online concerts, lectures classes and chats

Milana Strezeva could have surrendered to despair when the Grand Piano Series was forced to discontinue live performances due to COVID-19. Instead her creative instincts quickly engaged, leading her to adopt an alternate method of reaching audiences: the internet. Naples-based Grand Piano Series offers classical piano recitals by high caliber artists, and an assortment of lectures and piano educational programs […]

Training Your Best FRIEND: Dos and don’ts of dog walking

There are few things more enjoyable for a dog and his owner than a pleasant walk outside enjoying nature. To make the walk as enjoyable as possible I put together some leash walking dos and don’ts. Do: Use a 6-foot leather walking lead. Leather allows the maximum grip. Use a Martingale collar or front-attaching harness, such as Petsafe Easy Walk […]

SWFL Inc. brings tri-county businesses together with freemium model

Chambers of Commerce have existed since 1599 and have long held a goal to promote local businesses, advocate for legislative change and connect professionals so they can grow together. This is a beautiful mission, because when our business community is thriving, so are the people who live and work within it. I’ve worked in the Chamber industry for more than […]

Mind & SOUL: Get to know your anger

The previous article addressed how important it is to know your anger. Often when we get angry, we are told to punch a pillow or go for a run as the cure to dissolve angry feelings. That approach may work for a while; however, usually anger returns because we did not deal with it or get to know our feelings […]

Vineyard SPOTLIGHT: Call it braai or barbecue: Both call for wine

Like Americans, South Africans love to barbecue. They call it braai, and they seldom miss a chance to grill meat outdoors on a real wood fire. And they’ve got some great wines to go with a feast: birthday braai, Christmas braai, going-away braai, welcome-home braai, an over-the-hump Wednesday night just to get a few friends together braai – the list […]

Restaurant GUIDE

A Table Apart With global experience cooking in the finest restaurants, our chefs are excited to present their vision to you and all our guests. Our caring and exceptional staff will ensure you have a fantastic experi­ence with us. We refuse to compromise on quality in our restaurant. That’s why we source our fresh ingredients from lo­cal farmers. Our beliefs […]